Solar Powered Outdoors Table (SPOT)

A completely student designed outdoor table retrofitted with solar panels used to charge an off-grid solar energy system. It is placed outside of the UIUC Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory and provides students a space to sit and study outside while charging their devices using solar energy. There is a QR code on the SPOT which will direct students and RSOs to a website detailing the design and construction plans for the project. 

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Mini Off-Grid PV System

A mini off-grid PV system that acted as a prototype for the SPOT Solar PV System that was finished in 2018. It can charge small devices like cell-phones and has basic safety mechanisms. It was showcased in both the 2018 and 2019 Engineering Open House.

Net-Zero Home Model

A simple model of a net-zero energy home equipped with miniature solar panels and a vertical wind turbine. It was showcased in the 2017 Engineering Open House (EOH) and won the First Place EOH Green Award