Welcome! Go Solar!

InSPIRE is a solar RSO dedicated to promoting a broader understanding of renewable energy and sustainability to the public. 

We do hands-on projects related to renewable energy and sustainability with a focus on off-grid solar PV systems. We regularly compete in the National Solar District Cup competition, designing large solar PV arrays in real world sites. We've also done outreach and informational events to promote sustainability to the public. Our hope is to inspire a new generation to continue pursuing and improving renewable energy.

For any questions, email inspireuiuc@gmail.com 

To Join, simply choose a committee bellow and attend meetings

Project Team

Design & Build Renewable Energy Projects

Regular Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 6 - 8 PM

Location: ECEB 2013

Meeting Schedule: Link

For a list of past projects: InSPIRE - Projects (inspireuiuc.com) 

Solar Cup Team

Compete in the Solar District Cup Competition 

Design Solar PV Arrays in Real World Sites

Meeting times change every week and are specifically tailored to accommodate the schedules of existing members. 

Fill out this interest form if you're interested in joining: https://forms.gle/UYC2TGEqVLhX933t6 

Location: via Zoom

For more info: Solar District Cup Class of 2022-2023


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