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Welcome to InSPIRE!

We are a group of UIUC students who are passionate about using new, exciting technologies to teach the public about sustainability. Our goal is to make solar energy more practical and accessible through our project team and outreach. We want to show young students and other groups in our community the fun and exciting world of sustainable engineering. We are a student chapter of the non-profit of the same name, InSPIRE.

To check out the website of our other chapter: inspireillinois.org

Sivananthan Laboratories         

We would like to recognize Sivananthan Laboratories. 

Dr. Siva Sivananthan is the founder and CEO of Sivananthan Laboratories. He is also the founder of the non-profit, InSPIRE, which is a subsidiary of Siva Labs. It is a high-tech business focused on promoting economic growth in Illinois through fostering cutting-edge, fundamental research and development. 

Feel free to check out the important work they do here: http://sivananthanlabs.us/!

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If any of this sounds interesting to you, it's incredibly easy to get involved with us. Just check out the front page of the site and attend any one of our Project Team meetings. New members are welcome even during the middle of a semester!

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